Startup – a volley Game

Just a skit.


Everyone will tell you what you need to know.

Listen – and go – so you dont get depended on it. Because some of those telling you interesting stuff will like the status of the wiseguy and will begin to babble. Or even worse if they start going into their bad stories, take care here and dont accept their bad stories! Because when it comes do doing it, you will see that everyone has his own story which is not yours. Keep that in mind! They had this or that experience which made their story. Your story is yours, which is not totally but different anyway. The most irritating story is, when they tell you, you need this, otherwise you dont get further – while you exactly know you cannot get this special thing, because first you need to take 5 other steps – but because they think they are the wise guy, they insist. So be friendly, say yes, take a note (as todo 5 steps later) and go out of the discussion. “What´s next?” “Something else?” Because a startup is a volley game – out of nothing you make miracles. There are at least twenty topics, where you will need information, you only become after having done it, circular arguments everywhere. Dont bother. You will have the info afterwards anyway; but before you get it second hand – and that is the name of the game. It is a new product/business, so there is no real information on it. Just do it – step by step. At the moment you call, they real guys come. (At least if yur startup idea is good). A startup is done by doing, no matter how many people have doubts. The more people doubt, the lesser they can see the whole picture. That is only because the doubters dont see, what you can see. And that is great because that makes your idea worth it – and makes the good guys, your coming partners, like it. Tell them (secure the idea first, send yourself a letter, thats enuff legal protection, dont invest in lawyers too early – ask me for more details if you like). So tell all the potential guys, until you have the right resonance. And then choose the right ones to play the game with. Check the capabilities of them and their enthusiasm. You will hardly know how everything will look like, but you definitely know, how it has to feel. That is always the center of your decision (besides the skills needed).

Keep your fun. When you´re in the flow of your right feeling, even the hardest work in areas you dont know at all or dont like at all is fun. So keep your own enthusiasm.  If you loose it and you think, everything is over, then kick it all – you will see, the coming days will tell you the truth about your enthusiasm (or the quality of your idea). Ride the wave – there is up and down, but thats not the point. Life goes on, no matter what. Love your…